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My Vegan Flow this week is: Flexibility

When we think of the word flexible, we may think of our ability to touch our toes, or be able to do a backbend into a walkover. However the word goes deeper than a stretch. It is our ability to bend, not only when stretching but in all areas of our lives. How easy is it for us to modify and adjust to the many challenges that come our way. Have you ever just sat and watched nature... not just the trees, but all of nature. You will find that although a tree will grow, the birds will fly, and all of natures animals go about their day, there are times that the elements my prevent them from going about growth in their normal pattern. For instance: a frost where it is usually warm, or extreme winds... Somehow when these challenges show up they allow themselves to be flexible in order to make it through, this is how nature survives. We all have certain ways about us that we may consider ourselves not flexible on. However I have found that when I am flexible I am open to possibilities I never considered, and sometimes work out better than what I originally wanted. Allow yourself to be flexible and see how wonderful new things will reveal themselves to you.

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