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7 ways to make delicious desserts fast

Leave room for desert.

Welcome and ease your sweet tooth with some decadent treats.

Lets get busy

“Do you have a sweet tooth?”

Everyone has their vice, and for some, its dessert. Of course these too are vegan, but oh so good!

Lets talk nice cream

You are probably wondering what exactly is "nice cream", well... for those of you who guessed it, you are right... its our version of ice cream. One of my favorite ways to create vegan ice cream is with frozen bananas, if you don't like bananas, don't worry there are other ways to make ice cream... for instance you can use coconut milk instead. But for those of you who do like bananas lets talk. If you take a ripe peeled banana or many and freeze them when your feeling like desert they will be ready for you when your sweet tooth strikes. You do not have to slice them first, but you can if you choose before placing them in the freezer bag to freeze. You can peel, slice and seed any fruit as well if you prefer a sherbet, you cant go wrong.

How do I make it?

”Its ice cream making time!”

My family loves ice cream, but like many people, ice cream did not like them. Lucky they like bananas, but not just plain bananas. This go me thinking since everyone had there own favorite flavor of ice cream, I would use the frozen banana as the base and their favorite flavors to fill in the flavor. My daughter likes strawberries, my son like peanut butter and, my husband likes peanut butter and chocolate. All you need is your handy dandy blender, frozen bananas, your sweeter of choice (I use a little bit of agave), and a dash of nut milk (because your blender will need a little liquid to get it going). Once you get your bananas in the blender add whatever topping flavor powders you want and blend. I like to only make it when I am ready to have desert at that moment but it reminds me of soft serve ice cream with toppings that I love. Start creating your own fun flavored deserts now. Good luck!

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