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Where comfort meets style: Meals your eyes will love

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Welcome your palate to new flavors, old flavors and comfort foods that make you feel good.

Do not over think it

“Everyone knows what they like, so why make it more complicated than it needs to be.”

Everyone has a general idea of what they like to eat. What flavors really hit home for them... so let's think about that for a second... Do you think that going vegan limits your flavors? Well if you do lets get rid of that notion right away. Being vegan is not about deprivation its about alternative options.

Create a plan that works for you

You need to first stop and think about your favorite meals, and write them down. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the title vegan, I promise it wont bite. When starting out on this journey I would recommend going at your own pace. You can dive right in, or you can take baby steps, this is your personal journey. let's stop for a moment and say that your favorite meal or meals contain cheese, going vegan doesn't mean giving up your favorite dish... it just means that you find alternative dairy options that work with your palate that will allow you to transition to no dairy over time, if that is what you choose to do.

Stun Your Readers

Be creative!”

Be as creative as you want to be, you are only limited by the limits you create for yourself. I grew up eating very flavorful dishes, and although I decided that I was going to stick to a plant based diet, I refused to limit myself or my flavors. I use oyster mushrooms as one of my meat like substitutes, and although I am not actually eating meat, it gets all of the bold flavors I would have put in a regular meat dish. The vessel is different, but the delivery in flavors is the same. I enjoy many favorites like nachos, jerk, curry and Thai dishes, without compromising on flavor and enjoying every last bite. You don't have to give up your comfort foods you just need to find ways to reinvent them.

Get Inspired

Take one of your favorites and just change one thing at a time if you need to a tweak the flavors as you go. It is about your palate and the flavors that hit home for you. There are so many options that you can go with today when it comes to alternatives. I didn't have a quarter of alternative options when I started so it is a lot easier to transition now than it was before. Just remember this is one ingredient and one meal to start until you can get you a place where you are comfortable. You got this!

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