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Mastering the Transition: Kitchen Minimalism

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Transitioning and not sure where to start?

We all spend a lot of time in our kitchens regardless of our culinary levels of expertise, and we all have our ideas of what a functional kitchen should look like. For many, our kitchens are the hubs of our home, whether if be just us , shared with our loved ones or our friends.

Keep it simple!

“You do not need every kitchen gadget that you have heard or read about to have a functional kitchen...Keep it simple! .”

Many of our kitchens are cluttered with all types of gadgets that we don't need, in the name of being better cooks. Think back on what our parents and grandparents kitchens looked like, and think about the many wonderful meals that came out of their kitchens. We buy things that may bring us convenience the two to three times that we use it, then forget about them.. like and oil strainer, or a special sifter. There all great, don't get me wrong, but lets be realistic with ourselves. Ask yourself some these questions before you buy your gadgets:

How often do you cook?

How often will you need the gadget in your day to day?

Do you have space for it?

Do you truly need it or is it just a want?

Think about it... I know many people who love sandwiches and do not like the crust, but does it make sense to get a de-cruster? Unless you are dishing out several sandwiches a day every day, it would probably make sense to just use a knife, instead of having a gadget that will probably get lost in your draw or cabinet.

Functional Minimalist

So your probably thinking to yourself by now ,what gadgets do I have that I don't use or what is it exactly that I need? Lets bring it back to the basics.

- Good knife set

- Power Blender

- Cookware

- Sieve (strainer)

- Dishware that you use

- Utensils

- Bake pan/ dish

- Bowls

- Spatula

- Wisk

- Zester or grater

- Juicer

- Nut bag

- Cutting board

- Spiralizer (not a must have, but it certainly makes making veggie noodles a simple task)

There is not much that you cant accomplish with these basics. This is a great place to start and these essentials will still help you get the job done. There is no need to clutter up your kitchen with items that you don't need and essentially may not use. Okay now that you have all that you need, lets get creative!

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