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Vegan Nachos: what makes it so good?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Mouth watering nachos even meat eaters will love

Welcome MVF family lets dig in to this yummy plate of vegan goodness.

“Do you want to create something that is quick and easy that everyone will enjoy?”

You’ll be surprised at how simple this dish can be. As you have heard me say before, create it your own way, but if you like all of the ingredients go for it. My family has always loved nachos, even if it was just the chips and cheese. However when I gave up cheese it was hard for me to enjoy nachos with them. I also found that it didn't serve as much of a meal, because they would be hungry again in a few hours. So I made them vegan loaded nachos, and it was a success. When I have a house full people this is my go to dish because even the meat eaters love it.

What you will need

Well lets get to it then

- Nacho Chips of your choice

- Black Beans

- Corn

- Meat substitute of your choice

- Jalapenos (optional)

- Guacamole (I make from scratch, but you can buy in store)

- Sour Cream

- Salsa

- Tomatoes

- Cheese sauce (recipe below)

- large bowl

- Blender

Cheese Sauce

- 1 cup of soaked raw cashews

- 3 sundried tomatoes

- 3 cloves of garlic

- Half of a red onion

- Salt to taste

- 4 oz of coconut milk

- 1 cup of water

- 1 jalapeno

- Nutritional yeast (optional)

In a sauce pan heat up your corn, beans and meat substitute (no, not at the same time). If you choose to use Jalapenos slice them up and put them to the side. You will want to also chop up your tomatoes and place them to the side as well. Once you slice up those items, you want to grab your blender and start your cheese sauce. You will want to make sure that your onions and garlic are cut up before you throw them into your blender. Next you will add all of the other ingredients into the blender to make your sauce (if your sauce is not loose enough slowly add some water). In your bowl you will want to put your chip, and start layering your ingredients. I usually will add the chips, beans, corn, meat substitute of choice, then i pour my cheese sauce, add guacamole and a little sour cream. Than yummmmmy in my tummy

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